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Project Rescue

Many projects spiral out of control and end up behind schedule and over budget. Barker & Cole specialise in rescuing projects on the brink of failure. Even if a project is beyond salvation, Barker and Cole will help make sure the same mistakes are not made again.

Standard & Tailored Consultancy

Barker and Cole specialise in a balanced commitment to results delivery and solution quality. They are not only passionate about meeting deadlines, but care equally about designing worthwhile solutions that integrate effectively.

Training & Mentoring

Barker and Cole offer a variety of training courses, several based on material in their bestselling book, Brilliant Project Management What the best project managers know, say and do.

•  1 day primer focussing in on the core ideas and key messages in Brilliant Project Management.

•  2 day Master Class covering all the ideas and messages in Brilliant Project Management plus additional new material.

•  3 day Master Class with individual Mentoring. Contains all the material in the 2 day course plus one-to-one mentoring and Group Tutorials sessions for all attendees.

•  Customised training and mentoring on request. Courses tailored to the requirements of your organization plus mentoring of individuals or groups.

For more information on the consultancy options and our training courses, please contact us your requirements:


About the Authors
Stephen Barker is a project managementStephen Barker Project Manager consultant with over 15 years of experience. His clients range from small technology start-ups to large government departments

Rob Cole is a project management consultantRob Cole Project Manager with over 20 years of experience. He runs high profile projects and mentors project managers, specialising in project troubleshooting

Barker and Cole offer Project & Programme Management consultancy, various training courses and mentoring options



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