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Brilliant Project Management by Stephen Barker and Rob Cole


Brilliant Project Management

What the best project managers
know, say and do

Stephen Barker & Rob Cole

You've probably noticed that projects don't always run according to plan. In fact, you may have concluded that spiralling budgets, missed deadlines and half-baked deliveries are the norm rather than the exception. It's certainly true that failures are commonplace and some surveys put the rate as high as 70%. So what keeps going wrong?

Much of this boils down to projects being inadequately planned and poorly managed. Responsibility for this has to be placed at the project manager's door. This might seem a harsh assessment when external factors contribute to failure, but project managers are ultimately held accountable for the fate of their projects. Failures can't solely be put down to inexperience either, since even hardened project managers are seen leading their projects down paths than can only end in disaster.

There are project managers – we've dubbed them brilliant project managers – who consistently succeed. This select group has the winning knack of regularly delivering the goods and we're going to share the techniques they use. The good news is: none of it is complicated advice. What we have to offer in Brilliant Project Management is based on a combination of good old-fashioned commonsense, practical experience of what works well, and knowledge of the pitfalls to avoid.


Brilliant Project Management by Stephen Barker and Rob Cole is published by Prentice Hall Business and is available here

About the Authors
Stephen Barker is a projectStephen Barker Project Manager management consultant with over 15 years of experience. His clients range from small technology start-ups to large government departments.
Rob Cole is a project Rob Cole Project Managermanagement consultant with over 20 years of experience. He runs high profile projects and mentors project managers, specialising in project troubleshooting
Paperback , 176 pages
ISBN13: 9780273707936
ISBN10: 0273707930 Brilliant Project Management by Rob Cole and Stephen Barker published by Prentice Hall Business priced £9.99


Great book that's very easy to read and full of useful advice. Style of the book makes it an ideal travel companion.” WM

“This book is different from most of the books I have bought. It's mainly about giving practical advice - and has lots of useful check - lists. It's also been written with a bit of humour, which makes it easy to digest. I also liked the idea of having some chapters on the people side of the job - eg facilitation and running meetings.” CE

“The book is easy to read as it concentrates on practise rather than theory, which is my biggest complaint with other project management books. I would thoroughly recommend this book to fellow project managers as a useful reminder of art of project management to dip in and out of as required.” WC

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